Friday, February 12, 2010

Blackberry Smartphones are a Lifesaver - Literally and Figuratively!

Good thing a Dayton, Ohio resident lived by this motto. She was in a restaurant where her boyfriend’s concealed handgun accidently went off. The bullet put a hole in his coat pocket and a hole in her jeans. It just so happen it hit directly where the blackberry was located. The police on duty said, “the blackberry saved her life.” She even refused medical treatment. All she has to show is bruising from the bullet.

With most Blackberry phones you can now chat with friends, email colleagues, share pictures, listen to your favorite tunes and stay in touch through networking sites like Facebook®, MySpace and flickr®. With full multimedia support, proven BlackBerry push technology, GPS capability, faster browsing, and document editing and viewing capability, you have the power to do more of the things that matter in your life. Take your life with you, almost anywhere you go.

So next time your running out the door, don’t forget your lifesaver, the Blackberry. If you don’t own a blackberry, you can purchase them with 3gstore: