Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Cradlepoints for Clunkers - Trade in Your Old Router for an MBR1200 + Free PHS300

Cradlepoints for Clunkers is back for a limited time, and better than ever - trade in your router for an MBR1200 and get a FREE PHS300 3G router*

If you purchased your Kyocera KR1 or KR2, Top Global MB8000/MB6800/6000, or Linksys WRT54G3G-ST or WRT54G3GV2-ST router from 3Gstore, you can trade it in for credit towards a brand new Cradlepoint MBR1200! MSRP on the MBR1200 is $299.99, with your trade-in you can purchase it for $149.99 or $199.99! Plus, Cradlepoint will also send you a FREE PHS300*

Whenever new or improved technology becomes available, folks who own older equipment often wish there was a way they could exchange their now-outdated products for the latest and greatest models. Usually, these folks are out of luck and stuck with their old gear, but not this time! 3Gstore is offering a special trade-in program for our customers who purchased a KR1, KR2, MB8000, MB6800, MB6000, Linksys WRT54G3G or WRT54G3GV2-ST - send us your "clunker", and we'll give you a credit to use towards a brand new Cradlepoint MBR1200 !

How much can I save by trading in my "clunker"?

The Cradlepoint MBR1200 has an MSRP of $299.99. During the "Cradlepoints for Clunkers" program, 3Gstore will be offering up to $150 off MSRP when you trade in your eligible "clunker" router. Below is a list of the eligible routers and the price you can get on the MBR1200 when you trade yours in:

Trade-in Model Your MBR1200 Price
Kyocera KR1 $199.99
Kyocera KR2 $199.99
Top Global MB8000
Top Global MB6800 $199.99
Top Global MB6000 $199.99
Linksys WRT54G3G $199.99
Linksys WRT54G3GV2 $199.99

Your old router does not have to be in good condition, or even functional! As long as your router model is on the above list and you purchased it from 3Gstore, you can trade it in for a discount on the MBR1200! Please note that ONLY customers who purchased their clunker from 3Gstore (formerly booster-antenna.com) can participate in this program.

For full details on this promotion, visit 3Gstore.com/clunkers