Monday, February 01, 2010

New CLEAR 4G WiMAX Devices and Plan Changes

CLEAR is kicking off the month of February with some very exciting changes to their lineup of 4G modems and service plans!

New CLEAR Devices:


CLEAR "Series M" Home Modem (left): The new "Series M" modem is the successor to the original Home Modem and features an enhanced internal antenna for improved reception. The "Series M" modem is available for $79.99 or it can be leased for $4.99/mo if you select a 2-year contract.

clear pxu1900

CLEAR 4G Mobile USB Modem (PXU1900) (right): This is the successor to the CLEAR USB modem, and offers some nice benefits over the original, including the fact that it can be used with the optional USB Performance Dock, which also debuted today, for better signal (see more below)!

The PXU1900 is available for $59.99 or it can be leased for $4.99/mo if you select a 2-year contract.

clear usb performance dockCLEAR USB Performance Dock (left): This is a great accessory for the new PXU1900 USB modem, and the first of its kind for WiMAX! The Performance Dock provides increased signal and performance to the PXU1900, and is super portable and easy to use. Instead of connecting the modem directly to your computer, you simply place it in the Performance Dock and then connect the Dock to your computer via USB. Best of all, the USB Performance Dock is a bargain at just $9.99!

CLEAR Plan Changes:

  • CLEAR has responded to Sprint's new 3G/4G pricing by lowering their price for 3G/4G service, too: CLEAR users can now get unlimited 4G access and 5GB of 3G access for just $55/mo (the price was previously $70/mo)!
  • CLEAR has also added a new promo just for customers in the Portland/Salem market - these lucky folks can get the "Pick 2" service plan (service for either two USB devices or home modem and one USB modem) for just $45/month (regular price is $65/month)!