Monday, February 15, 2010

SlingPlayer Mobile now working over 3G - Good News or Bad News?

Chalk this up as a win for iPhone customers who love TV on the small screen... and a loss for the rest of AT&T's data subscribers!

Yes, you can finally watch NCIS during its regularly scheduled time from anywhere on your iPhone! AT&T used to block SlingPlayer Mobile, an iPhone app that allows you to view your TV/Tivo/DVR from your iPhone, from streaming over their 3G network, only allowing it to work over WiFi due to potential 3G network congestion as Sling utilizes a lot of bandwidth. Today, they released an update to the Sling app that allows you to stream your video over 3G.

The bad news is that Sling uses huge amounts of bandwidth, and therefore could impact the AT&T network - not good for iPhone users already irritated with AT&T's 3G network!

Recently, AT&T has cited the popularity of the iPhone and all the bandwidth its users consume as the cause for such annoyances as dropped calls and lack of 3G performance overall. There is only so much capacity on their network, and the more that users utilize apps like this, the worse it is for everyone else. While we are fans of the Sling app and admit to using lots of data ourselves, allowing more apps like this is obviously a concern. If AT&T is going to allow more and more apps like this stream over 3G, they better improve their network to handle the load!