Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Sprint Overdrive 3G 4G Firmware 1.07 Released

We had previously mentioned on EVDOinfo some issues that the new Sierra 3G/4G Overdrive was having, including WiFi problems with the iPhone/iPod Touch devices. This new firmware update solves those WiFi problems!

Key Performance Enhancements:
  • Improved Wi-Fi operation and throughput – especially for "power-save" clients: e.g., Windows XP (without changing Power Save setting), iPhone and iTouch.
  • Auto Update enhancements to improve download reliability over 3G Wi-Fi connection; Wi-Fi driver workarounds on handling unexpected freezes or crashes.
  • Fix for when device stays in offline after upgrade.
Release Details:
  • Dated: 02/24/2010
  • Firmware Version: 1.07

Sprint Overdrive Firmware 1.0.7 Download

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