Wednesday, March 31, 2010

3Gstore Partners with Wireless Services Center to Sell Verizon

3Gstore is pleased to announce the re-launch of the Verizon Wireless mobile broadband category on our online store! By joining forces with Wireless Services Center (WSC), a California-based Verizon Wireless Authorized Agent, 3Gstore is able to offer new and existing Verizon Wireless customers the same benefits we offer our Sprint and CLEAR customers: a full selection of mobile broadband devices, esteemed pre-sale consultation and post-sale technical support, discounts on accessories like routers and antennas when purchased with mobile broadband service, and a "one-stop shopping" experience.

Our partnership with WSC allows customers to place an order for Verizon products securely on our website, along with any other products (routers, antennas, amplifiers, battery packs, etc) you may need. The Verizon order is then processed by WSC; Verizon ships your mobile broadband device and 3Gstore ships any other items you ordered. Your information remains secure and private, and there is no need for you to deal with Verizon yourself - 3Gstore and WSC take care of that for you! In just 1-4 days (depending on when you place your order and which shipping option you choose), you'll have all of your equipment delivered to your door. If you have any trouble getting things set up, 3Gstore's technical support team will be here to help!

Why place your Verizon Wireless order through 3Gstore? 3Gstore is unique in many ways when compared to other companies selling mobile broadband devices, service, and accessories (including the carriers themselves!). Where else will you find:
  • Employees who are all actual users of EVDO data devices and options/accessories
  • Authorized resellers of 3G and 4G mobile broadband data devices from multiple major carriers - we can help you make an un-biased decision on which carrier is best for you.
  • Industry experts for EVDO accessories like routers/antennas/amps
  • Experienced pre-sales engineering and consultation staff
  • An online store with (rare) EV SSL certificate (read more about why this is so important for safe online shopping)
  • Phone sales/support from 9am to 7pm central time, Monday to Friday
  • PROMPT response to email inquiries
  • Special relationships with vendors (We are CradlePoint Platinum Reseller - largest online reseller)
  • FREE post-sales technical support for our entire line of products
  • Experts with Mac compatibility (we were the FIRST to get EVDO working with Macs years ago - we've never paid attention to "not Mac compatible" warnings!)
  • Popular EVDO news/portal and user forums
  • Access to exclusive tip sheets and instructions on popular topics such as using EVDO for gaming for FREE to our customers

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