Tuesday, March 23, 2010

5barz Product Testing

5barz Road Warrior - Product Testing

At 3Gstore.com we test a lot of products that could imrpove our customers experience with their existing cellular devices, such as antennas, amplifiers, and wireless repeaters. Each product that we review goes through an extensive testing proccess in which we determine exactly how the device works and how well it performs its task. We also test the device for different applications and environments so that we can be sure that it will function properly for all of our customers who may be using the device for different applications or at different locations with variable environments. That being said, we are very cautious about approving a device that we will recommend to our customers.

One of the latest products we've tested is called "5 Barz" from a company that we've never heard of before called "Cel Lynx". They actually gaurntee that their 5 Barz equipment will give your phone 5 bars of signal strength anywhere you go. Well we were very skeptical of this bold claim! How could this unit guarantee that you will get five bars anywhere you go? Even the most expensive antenna and amplifier equipment is unable to provide any signal in remote locations where there just isn't any cellular signal available.

After our testing, technically the product does give you five bars anywhere you go. HOWEVER; it's just an illusion! Here's how it actually works... there are two parts to this device, a receiver and wireless cradle. The receiver picks up the available cellular signal in the area, and then re-broadcasts the signal at a higher level using the cradle. Since its re-broadcasting the signal at a higher level, its able to fool the phone into thinking its getting a really good signal. In reality this "stronger" re-broadcasted signal is only as good as what the receiver is able to pick up, and with this product thats not much better than what your phone is able to pickup on its own.

When connecting the 5 Barz unit to our iPhone 3GS it went from 1 bar to 5 bars as advertised, but our connection speeds were identical. This proves that this device is still giving you the same signal that your already getting, but tricks your phone into thinking that its getting a stronger signal. This can cause a lot of issues too if your trying to troubleshoot issues with your phone, because you never would know what the true signal strength is when using this device. So our final verdict is that this product currently doesn't meet our standards in order for 3Gstore.com to sell and support the product.