Friday, March 19, 2010

In-Vehicle Signal Boosting: SignalBoost MP vs In-Vehicle Repeater

left to right: the 12" magnetic mount antenna (included with SignalBoost MP), SignalBoost MP amplifier, In-Vehicle amplifier, "candy bar" internal antenna (included with In-Vehicle amp), 12" magnetic mount antenna (one of the antenna options for In-Vehicle amp)

Two of the most popular options for boosting the signal to more than one cellular device in a vehicle are the Wilson SignalBoost Mobile Professional Kit (801241) and Wilson Cellular 40dB In-Vehicle Repeater (801201).

Both of those options accomplish the same goal - wireless signal boosting to more than one device in a vehicle - and they are both portable and don't require permanent installation. But how do they measure up performance-wise?

Read our comparison of the two to find out!