Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Portable WiFi: Internet Access On The Go

Many of our readers are always on the go, making 3G or 4G mobile broadband a great fit for their internet needs. For those that require mobile internet connectivity for more than just a single computer or device, we often hear questions about how to get truly portable WiFi. With a mobile hotspot, you can access the internet almost anywhere you go, just as long as there is a cellular signal. Unlike a 3G or 4G device that is directly connected to your computer, with a mobile broadband WiFi hotspot several people can get online to check their email, watch YouTube videos, checking social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, or even have a video chat conference - all at the same time! The possibilities are endless. Whether you're an average consumer who wants to entertain yourself and the family while traveling or a business professional who must be able to stay in contact with clients at all times, a portable mobile broadband WiFi hotspot will allow you to keep all your devices online anywhere you go.

The most popular options for portable WiFi are the Novatel MiFi (Verizon or Sprint 3G) and Sierra Overdrive (Sprint 3G/4G), as these devices contain both the modem and wireless router capabilities in one ultra portable device, but these are not the only options!