Friday, March 05, 2010

Sierra Wireless Overdrive Issues

Sprint has recently released the Sierra Wireless Overdrive (model W801), which is a 3G/4G Mobile hotspot; it's similar to the popular Novatel MiFi, but with both 3G and 4G capabilities (MiFi is 3G only).  With the rollout of 4G underway in the US, it makes sense to get a device that can handle the network of today (3G/EVDO) and the network of tomorrow (4G/WiMAX) - especially when signing a 2-year service contract - so the Overdrive has been extremely popular since it was launched.

Like so many customers who were instantly excited about the Overdrive, we really like the concept of the product, but unfortunately there have been numerous problems with it from the start. We are confident that Sierra Wireless and Sprint will work through the issues, and there has already been a firmware upgrade that resolved the Overdrive WiFi Problem. More updates will hopefully be on the way soon to fix the other problems users have experienced.

Not everyone is experiencing problems - many customers that are in a 3G only area are not experiencing any issues at all. Hopefully, by the time 4G rolls out in their area, the issues will have been resolved by Sierra Wireless and Sprint.

If you have an Overdrive, please share your experiences with others in the Overdrive forums.

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