Monday, March 22, 2010

Wilson Electronics Amplifiers are Recommended by the NTSB

Wilson amplifiers like this one (the SoHo) have now been adopted by the San Juan County sheriff's department in Utah

One afternoon in January 2008, a coach bus with 50 occupants was involved in a major accident in Utah. The motorcoach careened off a 25-foot embankment, overturned, struck several rocks separating the roof from its body, and finally came to rest in a ditch on its wheels. Nine people were killed and 43 others suffered minor to serious injuries according to the National Transportation and Safety Board’s (NTSB) investigation of the incident (read more about the story here).

This was obviously a horrible tragedy, but there may have been fewer fatalities and serious injuries if help had been able to arrive sooner. There was a witness that saw this unfortunate accident, but they had to travel about 35 minutes just to get a cell signal to call the local emergency team. The NTSB concluded that if someone had been able to make a call earlier, they might have been able to save some lives. As a result, the NTSB has begun recommending cell phone amplifiers for vehicles in rural areas, to ensure a lack of solid cell signal doesn't prevent future emergency calls from being made. They have teamed up with Wilson Electronics for the best equipment, and the Sheriff’s department has installed amplifiers in their vehicles that Sheriff Mike Lacy confirms have made a "significant difference" in their cellphone range - meaning they can make calls from places where they previously had no service.

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