Friday, April 30, 2010

3Gstore Announces New $49.95/mo No-Contract Verizon Mobile Broadb

Here's a question for mobile broadband customers and potential users: how would you like to have a lower monthly payment for your 3G service and not be locked into a 2-year contract?

"What is the catch, right?"

No catch - 3Gstore can make this happen! 3Gstore is now offering Verizon 3G mobile broadband service with no contract for just $49.95/month. We have two Verizon devices available for lease - the Verizon Mifi for $89.99 and a Verizon USB760 for $59.99 - and thanks to our partnership with a wholesale provider, your monthly service is just $49.95. Plus, there's no credit check, no contract, no activation fee, and no cancellation fee. You can cancel your lease any time (just send back the device)!

In the past, getting Verizon service without a 2-year contract was very expensive. Customers would have to pay full retail value for a device (ranging from $200-$300), then would have to pay a $35 activation fee every time they activated the aircard. Plus, the service was still $59.99/month. With 3Gstore's new $49.95/month Verizon Mobile Broadband plan, you lease the device for a very low price, pay no activation fee, and pay less for the monthly service - all without a contract!

3Gstore's $49.95/month Verizon plan gives you the following perks:
  • Two devices to choose from: Verizon Mifi for $89.99 and a Verizon USB760 for $59.99 (brand new, in original packaging - the same exact ones Verizon sells). Or, you can even use your own device if you have a compatible Verizon modem that isn't under contract.
  • No Mail-in Rebate (when signing a contract, most devices have a mail-in rebate)
  • No $35 Activation Fee (EVER)
  • No Credit Check (That means you will not have to provide us with your Social Security Number and your Drivers License for individual accounts or Federal Tax ID for business accounts.)
  • No contract, so no termination fee - cancel anytime (you will just have to send back the device if you decide to cancel before your 2-year lease is up, or pay $250 if you prefer to keep it.
  • No dealing with Verizon - With 3Gstore’s $49.95/month plan, there is no need to ever deal with Verizon. 3Gstore provides technical support, and your monthly service is billed automatically to the credit card of your choice by 3Gstore’s wholesale partner.

And of course, the best part of this deal is you will only pay $49.95/mo for 5GB of data ($0.07/mb overage charges apply thereafter). If you're not sure how much 5GB of data is please read this article: What does 5gb get me?

If you're ready to get started, you can place your order for the USB760 or MiFi online at, or call us at 866-3GSTORE. If you have more questions about our $49.95/month Verizon plan, visit the FAQ. Not sure if Verizon has 3G coverage where you need it? Check your coverage at