Monday, April 05, 2010

Get Your Apple iPad Online with Wireless 3G or 4G

The 3G/4G Overdrive is just one of the many options available to get your iPad online!

On Saturday April 3rd, Apple launched the WiFi-only version of the iPad. We have tested several different options that will meet the needs of any iPad owner, and have described the pro's and con's of each option to help you decide which option will suit you best! One of the biggest advantages to using any of the setups below (as opposed to relying on others' WiFi networks or using AT&T's 3G network via the built-in 3G chip that will be included in future iPads) is that you'll be able to provide 3G/4G internet access to any device, not just the iPad! Why pay a monthly fee for something that is only going to work with just the iPad, when you can also provide connectivity to your laptop, iTouch, PS3, and so on?