Friday, April 09, 2010

Gogo Offers Unlimited Airplane WiFi

Gogo offers $35/mo Unlimited, Multi-Airline WiFi Plan

Gogo (AirCell) has recently announced a monthly subscription to access WiFi from any airplane that has Gogo service (American, United, Virgin, Delta, AirTran, Air Canada).  Gogo has charged per flight ($.495 - $12.95) and had a 30 day pass ($39.95), however, this is the first monthly subscription that automatically renews until you cancel it.

The Gogo service has EVDO Rev A towers spread across the US, BUT they are aiming up towards the sky.  The airline has a 3G to WiFi Router installed which provides the WiFi on the plane.  This is very similar to the 3G Routers that sells (but are not the same).

For anyone that travels a lot, having WiFi to stay busy is a life saver.  We had a chance to do some Gogo Testing recently and it worked very well.

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