Tuesday, April 27, 2010

iPhone Battery Saving Tips

The 3gstore.com and EVDOinfo.com team has several iPhone users, and we are often searching for ways to extend the iPhone's battery life. All of the awesome things that an iPhone can do (video, web, apps...) are unfortunately very taxing on the internal battery - a heavy day of use can leave you with a dead battery before you get home to recharge! Here are some helpful tips we've compiled to help keep your phone charged as long as possible:
  • First, enable battery percentages - This will not have any effect on your battery life, but it makes it much easier to tell home much battery life you really have left. Unfortunately, only the 3GS supports this feature (to enable on your iPhone 3GS, tap the "Settings" app, then "General", then "Usage", turn "Battery Percentage" on). For iPhone 3G or 2G users, there are a number of free apps available to download that allow you to see your battery life in percentage - search for "battery" in the app store.
enable battery percentages on iphone 3gs
enabling battery percentages on iPhone 3Gs - click for larger view
  • Improve your signal strength - If your phone is constantly struggling to find a solid signal, you're going to wear down your battery very quickly. There are several options for improving signal strength on an iPhone. The iPhone does not have an antenna port on it, but you can improve the signal with a wireless signal booster like the iBooster or Sleek. If you need to improve the signal to more than one phone, you can use a wireless repeater (read more at 3Gstore.com/repeaters).
  • Only enable WiFi when you need it - (tap "settings" app, then "Wi-Fi", then choose "off" or "on"). When you are not within range fo a WiFi network, turn off WiFi to save power (so that the phone isn't constantly searching for WiFi networks). However, if you ARE in range of a WiFi network and use your phone to surf the web a lot, re-enable WiFi so that you can do that surfing over WiFi instead of 3G (this will save battery and nearly always provide you with better performance than surfing over AT&T's 3G network).

For more tips, read the full article at EVDOinfo.com/iphonebattery