Friday, April 02, 2010

Mobile Break Podcast #1: Sprint 3G vs Sprint 3G/4G

mobile break

Take a peak behind the scenes to see how the 3Gstore mobile broadband experts feel about the latest products and services! Our Mobile Break video podcast series features EVDOinfo/3Gstore employees discussing hot topics in the world of 3G and 4G mobile broadband. To suggest future topics, post your suggestions in the EVDO Forums.

Sprint 3G vs Sprint 3G/4G

There has been a lot of excitement over the past year about Sprint's new 4G WiMAX network, especially since the recent release of new 3G/4G devices like the Overdrive hotspot and the U301. 4G has become an increasingly hot topic, and understandably so - WiMAX is much faster than EVDO (Sprint's 3G technology), and no one wants to get stuck in a contract for 3G service when something better is available.

However, just because 4G is now available in some areas of the country does NOT necessarily mean every Sprint 3G user (or potential user) should run to sign up for 3G/4G service. There are a number of things to consider before choosing 3G or 4G service - is 4G even available where you need the service? Do you rely on an antenna for your 3G service? Is your current Sprint contract one of the old unlimited plans?

Click here to watch Maureen and Torrey from 3Gstore discuss the merits of sticking with 3G compared to upgrading to 3G/4G!