Tuesday, June 15, 2010

BlackBerry Bold getting a new name

Upcoming RIM Blackberry 9800 Could be Called Bold or Torch

RIM (BlackBerry), are currently working on their next phone labeled either the BlackBerry Bold 9800 or possibly the "new" BlackBerry Torch 9800. Rim can't seem to decide if they want the 9800 to carry the traditional Bold name or change it to the Torch because of the new sliding keyboard feature.  There are other slider phones supposedly in the works down at RIM'S central plant in Guadalajara, Mexico which helps confirm the validity of this name change. However, there have also been reports of people seeing the Bold logo next to the camera icon on the new 9800. It's only logical for RIM to change the name because this model is different than their other models. They have the Pearls for slim line phones, the Bold lineup for quality, business and qwerty keyboards and the Storms touchscreen line. So, it only makes sense for RIM to make the name change official and start another line of phones that focus on slider keyboards. The only risk RIM runs by doing this is differentiating the new 9800 from the Bold line up and scaring users away from a new design concept.

Aside from the new name change, the 9800 is going to be similar to the iPhone with swiping screens and possibly the ability to pinch and zoom in on pictures. Stay tuned to EVDOinfo.com for more information on the upcoming 9800 Bold or Torch.   Look for the 9800 to be available later in 2010.