Friday, June 25, 2010

Sierra Overdrive 3G/4G Hotspot Update: Test Results with Firmware 2.06.06

The Sierra Overdrive is much-improved with firmware 2.06.06

When the Sierra Overdrive 3G/4G hotspot first became available from Sprint, many users (including our testers) experienced a number of frustrating problems: problems switching between 3G and 4G, trouble accessing the MicroSD card, random disconnects, and more. Other users has no problems at all, but the folks whose Overdrives weren't performing properly were understandably quite frustrated.

Almost immediately after the Overdrive's release, Sierra Wireless (the manufacturer) acknowledged the problems and began working on a firmware update that would solve them. Earlier this month, they finally released firmware version 2.06.06, which was intended to address many of the key problems Overdrive users were experiencing. Our 3Gstore tech staff were among the unlucky users who were experiencing problems with the original Overdrive firmware, so we were very eager to install version 2.06.06 and perform testing to see if the problems were indeed solved.