Monday, September 27, 2010

DataJack No-Contract 3G Service Now Available at 3Gstore

3Gstore is pleased to announce that we have partnered with DataJack to offer 3G mobile broadband service for just $49.99/month, with NO contract, credit check, or cancellation fees! DataJack is perfect for travelers, backup usage, folks who don't want to sign a contract or give their personal information...and for anyone wanting to save money on their 3G bill!

How it works: You purchase the MC760 USB modem and your first month of service for $149.99. 3Gstore will activate the service for you (you can choose whether you want us to activate it before we ship or if you prefer to wait until you receive your order) - after your first month is up, you can then choose to pay for another month, set up recurring billing, or simply let the service stop until the next time you need it. No credit check or personal information is required, and you can cancel any time with NO penalty (you don't even have to return the MC760 when you cancel!).

That's it - really, there's no catch!

Like all products purchased from 3Gstore, you'll have access to our esteemed technical support and you'll also receive a helpful tipsheet along with your modem to help you get up and running. Plus, 3Gstore is also your source for other equipment that helps you get the most out of your DataJack service - antennas for improving signal strength, routers that allow you to share your connection with multiple computers (and other devices like the iPad, iPod Touch, etc), and much, much more. Everything ships directly to you from our Illinois warehouse, making 3Gstore a true one-stop shop for all your mobile broadband needs.

If you're ready to get started, you can place your order for the DataJack MC760 online at, or call us at 866-3GSTORE. If you have more questions about DataJack, visit the FAQ.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Apple iPhone Coming To Sprint instead of Verizon?

Apple iPhone Coming To Sprint instead of Verizon?

According to ZDNet, Apple is reportedly making CDMA-capable iPhones that could end up on the Sprint network. Research notes from Jeffrey Fidacaro of the Susquehanna Financial Group said, "In line with expectations for an early CY11 launch of a CDMA iPhone, our checks indicate that 1QFY11 (December) CDMA iPhone production estimates are currently at 3 mln (unchanged from last month), putting total iPhone production (3 GS, iPhone 4, CDMA iPhone) at 21 mln-22 mln (up 5% from 20 mln-21 mln units previously). The slight increase is indicative of continued demand for iPhone 4 and increased distribution". Both Verizon and Sprint use CDMA technology (AT&T uses GSM), so the fact that Apple is working with CDMA at all certainly adds to the speculation that the iPhone is going to turn up from one of those two providers at some point.

There has been speculation about the iPhone heading to Verizon since it's inception, however, we haven't seen much mention of Sprint until now. This theory is more feasible as Sprint tends to be more open with their network and isn't as proprietary as Verizon with their phone offerings. Also, since Sprint already has 4G WiMAX implemented in 53 markets, it wouldn't be to far-fetched to even see a hybrid 3G/4G capable device. This would remove the main complaint that iPhone speculators state about CDMA - the fact that CDMA can't do voice and data at the same time. However, WiMAX fully supports both simultaneous voice/data which would keep Apple's iPhone feature set intact.

What do you think? Would you rather see a Sprint iPhone or a Verizon iPhone (or are you happy with the current state of affairs, with AT&T being the only carrier available for iPhone users?) Discuss the CDMA iPhone on the EVDO Forums.

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Thursday, September 16, 2010

3Gstore Now Selling Replacement Epic 4G Batteries

3Gstore is now selling a replacement battery for the Sprint Samsung Epic 4G that provides slighly more battery life than the standard battery that comes with the Epic 4G. This battery is still the same exact size as the stock Epic 4G battery, but also provides an additional 100 mAh for a total of 1600 mAh capacity, where the stock battery only provides 1500 mAh capacity. is currently offering a free car charger & an extra battery for free when you order the Epic 4G!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Sprint Epic 4G Review

Sprint recently launched their second 4G phone, the Epic 4G from Samsung, which joined the super-popular HTC EVO 4G as the only 4G-capable phones on the market. The Epic 4G is capable of using Sprint's 3G & 4G networks, meaning that you can potentially get download speeds anywhere from 3 to 7mbps when you're in a 4G coverage area, and you can still expect up to 1-2mbps when you're in a nationwide 3G area. Since both the EVO & Epic are currently the only two phones capable of using Sprint's 4G network, many of our readers have been asking us which Sprint 4G phone is "better", but there really isn't a straight-forward answer. The EVO and Epic both have pro's & con's, and we think that each phone targets a slightly different audience. We've tested both phones extensively, and in this article we'll discuss the Epic's features and performance and how they compare to the EVO - and hopefully help you determine which 4G phone will be best for you!

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Thursday, September 02, 2010

3Gstore U600 Introductory Promotions!

You can Order the Sprint U600 from the mobile broadband experts at for FREE after $50 mail-in rebate with a new 2 year service agreement NOW (ships 9/12/10)!

All U600's ordered with Sprint service from 3Gstore are shipped pre-activated (so that they are ready to use when you receive your order!) and include our esteemed free technical support.

Sprint 3G/4G USB U600

Sprint has just announced their newest 3G/4G hybrid device, the Sprint 3G/4G USB U600. Compared to its predecessors the U300 & U301, the U600 is significantly smaller, but still offers the USB swivel that we loved about the U301. There are several reasons why we think the U600 is currently the best choice for users looking to purchase a 3G/4G dual-mode device. Read our full review to find out why!

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