Monday, October 18, 2010

Extended Battery for MiFi Powers Your Verizon MiFi + iPad Combo 3X Longer!

iPad MiFi

With Verizon now planning to sell the iPad along with the MiFi hotspot, lots of new users are becoming familiar with the MiFi. The MiFi is a perfect solution for providing WiFi to your iPad (and all your other devices!) on the go, but one thing users will quickly notice is that the iPad battery far exceeds the battery life of the MiFi 2200. The iPad battery lasts about 10-11 hours on average, while the MiFi 2200 battery only lasts 3-4 hours. For users who are constantly on the go, this creates a problem since they won't be able to stay connected throughout the entire day. has a solution for users who need more than 3-4 hours of battery life from their MiFi 2200. Our MiFi 2200 Extended Life Battery provides up to 12 hours of consecutive usage time, which makes it a must have for any mobile professional or frequent traveler!

The 3600mAh extended life battery for the MiFi 2200 provides THREE TIMES the battery life than the standard battery that comes with the MiFi 2200. Our extended life battery provides a 3600 mAh capacity, whereas the stock battery only provides 1150 mAh capacity. This is the longest-lasting replacement battery available for the MiFi 2200! has been selling the MiFi Extended battery for a couple months now, and it has become incredibly popular with our customers. One happy customer wrote in with the following rave about the battery: "The extended battery for the MiFi 2200 is fantastic. My whole purpose in getting the MiFi was to use it with an IPad so I could save the money and get the wifi only version. Well the included battery would have run out way before the Ipad would so this extended battery is the perfect solution. Now I have approximately 10 hours on the extended battery and another 4 hours on the original one that came with the MiFi. I can leave the MiFi in my pocket turned on and ready to connect all day...."

This extended life battery is larger than the stock battery, and requires a larger battery door (included). While this does make the MiFi slightly bulkier, the size difference is not dramatic, especially since the MiFi is already ultra portable. Even with the larger battery, the MiFi still fits in large pockets and of course in any purse, backpack, laptop bag, etc. The vastly improved battery life far outweighs the slight increase in size! See the size difference below:

MiFi 2200 Extended Battery Size
MiFi 2200 with extended life battery size comparison

MiFi 2200 with extended battery compared to standard MiFi
MiFi 2200 with extended battery (bottom) compared to MiFi with standard battery (top)

The 3600 mAh extended life battery works with the Sprint & Verizon versions of the MiFi 2200, as well as pre-paid MiFi 2200's. Note: This battery is NOT compatible with the GSM versions of the MiFi for AT&T and T-Mobile.

Verizon MiFi 2200 with extended battery

Verizon MiFi 2200 with extended battery

Virgin Mobile MiFi 2200 Extended Battery

The Extended Life Battery is also compatible with the Virgin Mobile MiFi 2200!

The MiFi 2200 extended battery is on sale now at 3Gstore for just $89.99 (regular price $109.99)