Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Cradlepoint Releases Beta Firmware with Support for Verizon 3G/4G Pantech UML290 for CTR500, MBR1000, MBR1200, MBR800, CBA250, CBA750

cradlepoint mbr1000
The MBR1000 (above) will now support the UML290 with beta firmware!

Cradlepoint users (and potential users!) have been eagerly awaiting support for Verizon's new 4G LTE-capable modems since Verizon launched their 4G service earlier this month, and we are happy to announce that Cradlepoint has released beta firmware for the CTR500, MBR1000, MBR1200, MBR800, CBA250, and CBA750 that supports the Pantech UML290 modem! This is great news for UML290 users wishing to share their connection with multiple computers/devices as well as Mac users who need a way to get online, period (as the UML290 is not officially supported on Mac OS yet).

Unfortunately, the LG VL600 modem is still not yet supported - this firmware release provides support only for the UML290. Additionally, the firmware is only compatible with the listed routers - if you own a different Cradlepoint model, this beta release will not work for you. Finally, keep in mind that this is a BETA release, which means that it has not gone through complete testing like an official release.

Click the links below to download the beta firmware file for your router:

Not sure how to update your router's firmware? Follow these directions: Updating Your Cradlepoint Router's Firmware