Friday, December 10, 2010

Verizon Pantech UML290 3G/4G USB Review

Along with the LG VL600, the Pantech UML290 is one of the first modems available for use on Verizon's brand new 4G LTE network, which just launched in 38 U.S. cities this week. While Verizon's 4G network isn't available in nearly as many locations as their 3G network yet (although they do have aggressive expansions plans), the new 3G/4G modems allow users to "future proof" themselves - they can use it for 3G now, and when 4G does become available to them, they won't have to worry about needing new equipment! As an added bonus, the service plans available for the 3G/4G devices are actually better than what's available for 3G-only USB modems, making a 3G/4G device like the UML290 a great choice for a variety of customers.

uml290 views

The UML290 is similar to the other 4G-capable Verizon device, the VL600, in almost every way - they are both 3G and 4G capable, aren't compatible with Macs yet, and are similar sizes/designs. However, the UML290 has something the VL600 does not: a usable antenna port for improving 3G cellular signal! The UML290 actually features two antenna ports: one for a 3G antenna, and one for a 4G antenna (which aren't yet available, but will be in the future). This one crucial difference makes the UML290 the clear winner for anyone trying to decide between the two Verizon 4G devices in our opinion!