Wednesday, February 23, 2011

AT&T Kills Online Sales for Consumers

Earlier this week, we were surprised to see two HUGE online resellers drop AT&T from their wireless lineups without an explanation. Today, we found out why: AT&T is no longer allowing online resellers (including 3Gstore) to fulfill orders for "individual/consumer accounts" - that is, any account set up under a personal name and social security number (the vast majority of online customers). AT&T is now ONLY allowing online resellers to handle business accounts, which must be associated with a federal tax ID. Since very few online customers qualify for a business account, resellers have been forced to stop selling AT&T in their online stores.

3Gstore has been forced to follow suit and we have removed AT&T from our store. If you are a business customer and need to purchase an AT&T mobile broadband device (new line or upgrade), please contact us and we'll be happy to take care of you. If you are an existing AT&T customer and are just looking for a replacement device, 3Gstore does sell a variety of no-contact AT&T devices that you can purchase to simply swap your service to without affecting your contract.

3Gstore also sells Sprint and Verizon mobile broadband to both individuals AND businesses.