Monday, February 14, 2011

iPhone5 Gobi

iPhone5 and Gobi

Apple started using Qualcomm's Gobi chip (MDM6600) in the Verizon iPhone4.  This chip has the option to work in either CDMA (Verizon/Sprint) or GSM (AT&T/T-Mobile and rest of the world).  Why is this exciting?  Well, starting with the next iPhone or iPad, this gives Apple to have a SINGLE SKU that can be activated on any carrier.  No longer is there a need to have a Verizon version or a AT&T version, it can be the same single SKU device.

From a consumer's point of view - this gets interesting.  I can purchase the next version of the iPhone5 or iPad2  that has a Gobi chip and "in theory",  the device can be switched to any other carrier without having to switch hardware.  Not sure if the carriers will like this model, as they prefer locking consumers into long term contract and giving the devices away for free.

It could be a real game changer and for once - the consumers would win!