Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Tekkeon myPower MP1280 Battery for Verizon/AT&T iPhone 4 Now Available at 3Gstore

After several months of testing batteries from a variety of manufacturers, we finally found one that fits ALL of our criteria: the Tekkeon myPower MP1280 for iPhone 4!

The myPower for iPhone 4 is a slim two-piece case that snaps around your iPhone (see image below). Unlike similar batteries, the condensed lithium polymer battery bypasses your phone's internal battery and powers your phone instead of charging it. This is much more efficient than other batteries! Only when the myPower battery is depleted does your phone's internal battery kick in - so if you start with your phone's battery at 100% and the myPower all charged up, by the time the myPower is depleted and your iPhone's battery kicks in, you'll still have around 97% of your internal battery!

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