Wednesday, March 23, 2011

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Wilson 3G Amplifier for T-Mobile and Cricket

Wilson in April will be shipping an AWS Pro 3G amplifier that will work in the 1700mhz and 2100mhz, which should provide support for T-Mobile and Cricket Wireless.

Sprint Overdrive Pro Dock

The Sprint OverDrive Pro Dock will cost an additional $100 ad add battery charging, 4G only antennas for improved gain and an external ethernet port.

Sierra OverDrive Pro 3G/4G

Sierra Wireless was showing the OverDrive Pro, which is much smaller then the first OverDrive. Also, adds up to 8 users, more info on the display and with optional dock adds Wimax antennas, power and Ethernet.

Available from 3Gstore this weekend.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Verizon LTE Omni External Antenna

We have been waiting on an external omni antenna and we believe we have seen what we and everyone else is waiting on. The speed increases sound impressive, should be getting one to test in April and have them for sale by end of April. This will be a tri-mode antenna (700, 850, 1900 MHz).  This antenna will be compatible with the Pantech UML290 LTE Modem.

Sprint Announces HTC EVO View 4G Tablet and Evo 3D Smartphone, Coming This Summer

sprint htc evo view tabletSprint Introduces America’s First 4G “Glasses-Free” Device with QHD 3D Display, HTC EVO 3D (left), Coming This Summer.

Sprint also brings the popular and powerful HTC EVO experience to a 4G tablet, HTC EVO View 4G (right), this summer, with new digital pen technology that makes it possible to make notes on Web pages, ebooks, PDF documents and more, in an easy and natural way.

Both devices will be available for Sprint customers this summer. Pricing will be available closer to launch. Pre-registration for both devices begins today at and

More information: read Sprint's EVO 3D and EVO View 4G announcement, or view the EVO 3D Fact Sheet or EVO View 4G Fact Sheet

Friday, March 18, 2011

$25 Mail-In Rebate Offer for MBR1200 Through 3/31/2011


If you've been considering a Cradlepoint MBR1200, we've got great news for you: Cradlepoint is offering a $25 mail-in rebate for customers purchasing the router between 3/15/2011 and 3/31/2011. If that wasn't a great enough deal, you can save an additional $20 if you're buying the MBR1200 along with a 2-year Sprint or Verizon service plan! Plus, don't forget about the amazing technical support and exclusive support CD you'll also receive (for free!) when you purchase from 3Gstore.

MBR1200 MSRP: $349.99

3Gstore's sale price: $269.99

- $25 mail-in rebate = $244.99 ($105 below MSRP!)

If you're signing up for a 2-year Sprint or Verizon service plan through 3Gstore as well, your price after rebate is just $224.99 ($125 below MSRP!)

How it works: Place your order for the MBR1200 online at or over the phone (866-3GSTORE) by 11:59pm CST on 3/31/11. Once you receive your MBR1200, simply mail in the included rebate form by 6/15/11 and Cradlepoint will send you a $25 rebate check - it's as simple as that!

Important details: This is a mail-in offer provided by Cradlepoint. Customers must submit their rebate form and all other required documentation to Cradlepoint by 6/15/11. Please allow up to 10 weeks for Cradlepoint to receive and process your rebate form and send your rebate. No substitutions are allowed. Valid for US and Canada residents only. Limit 2 rebates per household/address.

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Thursday, March 17, 2011

WiFiRanger and WiFiRanger Pro Now Available Exclusively at 3Gstore!

3Gstore is happy to announce that we are now selling the WiFiRanger and WiFiRanger Pro!

The WiFiRanger and WiFiRanger Pro from BlueMesh Networks support a huge variety of internet connections (3G or 4G mobile broadband, cable/DSL, satellite, and even WiFi-as-WAN) while also being intuitive and easy enough for even the most novice user to set up and use.

The WiFiRanger allows users to utilize just about any source of internet:

  • 3G or 4G LTE Mobile Broadband (no 4G WiMAX support at this time - possibly in the future)
  • WiFi (campground provided, free/open hotspots, commercial networks, or private networks to which you have the security key)
  • Satellite (MotoSat, Hughes, etc)
  • Cable/DSL

The WiFiRanger's support for so many internet sources and its intelligent failover functionality is likely to make it a hit with everyone from office users to RVers. There is no easier or more affordable way to take advantage of every internet connection you have access to, from your ethernet WAN at home to campground WiFi on the road!

Read our WiFiRanger Hands-On Review

Order the WiFiRanger from 3Gstore

Order the WiFiRanger Pro from 3Gstore

Discuss the WiFiRanger on EVDOForums

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Improve Cell Service - Put Phone in Glass

Found an interesting story.  Guy was in a restaurant and his iPhone didn't get any signal and he was trying to make a call.  The waiter comes over and offers him a glass, but guy doesn't know why.  Waiter tells him it happens all the time, just place his phone in a glass and it will get signal.  Sure enough, the guy goes from no service - to 3 bars.

Read whole article

P.S.  I hope this doesn't hurt antenna or amplifier sales :)

Sprint, Verizon, AT&T Offer Free Calls & Text to Japan From US

To help the people affected by the devastating situation in Japan, all three major carriers are offering free calls and texts to Japan (originating from a U.S. Wireless number).  The calls must be less then 60 minutes and be between 3/11/11 - 3/31/11.  If you are an AT&T subscriber, you can text "redcross" 90999 to donate $10 to the Red Cross to help with the disaster relief efforts.

We applaud all three U.S. carriers and think it is great that they "do the right thing" and put people before profits.  

Discuss on EVDOforums

Saturday, March 12, 2011

3G/4G Router Advisor Launched

Every day, we get the same question hundreds of time, "Which 3G/4G Router should I purchase?".  To help answer this question, we have developed a "3G/4G Router Advisor".  If you already have a 3G Data Card or 4G Data Card, enter it in, and we will show you the 3G/4G Routers that are compatible.  If you want to narrow down the selection by features or price - you can do that too.  So, checkout our 3G/4G Router Advisor and after you take a look, let us know what you think.

Phone Battery life extended to over 1 week

According to TG Daily, mobile devices that are now barely lasting for hours could soon be lasting for weeks.  The problem is that more of us are using our smartphones as computers vs. phones and this is more of a strain on the battery.  At the University of Illinois, they are working on Phsae-change materials (PCM) - a faster but higher-power alternative to flash memory.  In PCM memory the power use is 100 times less.

We will believe it when we see it, but we can only hope.

Friday, March 11, 2011

3G Failover

Look for some exciting new 3G Failover solutions coming from in the next few weeks.  If your business takes credit cards or debit cards and you want a cost effective way to ALWAYS be up and running, the 3G Failover solution is what you are looking for. 

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Behind Olark Customer Chat prides itself in providing the best customer service and experience.  Last year added something new that has dramatically enhanced the way our potential customers interact with us .

For all of our employees, we use chat (AIM and Gtalk) to communicate internally at  This works great for all of our employees.  Olark, uses our existing chat client software, which allows our potential customers to chat with us, live.  Our employees do not have to install anything new or learn anything new - we use the same chat clients we use now (iChat, AIM, Adium, even GoogleTalk).  Olark uses Jabber to communicate, so any IM client that supports Jabber works great.  Technically, if an employee was not near a computer, they could use a Jabber client on their mobile device.

Here is how Olark works.

When you visit, in the bottom left of every screen is the ability to chat with us directly.  A customer just needs to click that window and ask a question and any available employee will get an instant message and you are now communicating live with expert.

For more information, see


Monday, March 07, 2011

Pantech UML290 Just $99.99* at 3Gstore, No Waiting for Rebates, + Save on Routers and Antennas!

pantch uml290Last week we announced that the Pantech UML290 is now officially supported by several Cradlepoint routers, and today we have even more good news for prospective UML290 users: 3Gstore is now selling the 3G/4G UML290 for just $99.99 with a new 2-year contract! Unlike purchasing from other stores or even from Verizon directly, when you buy the UML290 from 3Gstore you do NOT have to wait 4-6 weeks for an inconvenient rebate card - our price is $99.99 up front! Plus, FedEx standard shipping is just $3.99 to anywhere in the contiguous US, and orders placed by 12pm CST typically ship the same day.

If you need a 3G/4G router to share the connection with multiple computers or an antenna to improve your 3G or 4G signal strength, you'll also receive $20 off any router and/or antenna when you sign up for your 2-year Verizon service through 3Gstore. And of course, when you purchase from 3Gstore you'll have access to our expert technical support to help you get your new equipment up and running.

There's never been a better time to get started with Verizon 3G/4G mobile broadband!

Order the UML290 with Verizon service for $99.99 from 3Gstore

*$99.99 price available to customers signing up for a NEW line of service with a 2-year contract. Upgrade pricing may vary.

Thursday, March 03, 2011

CradlePoint 1.8.1 Firmware - Looking Good!


Looks like CradlePoint reacted quickly with the issues that were still present in the 1.8.0 firmware.  Our tech support department has been working with CradlePoint's and it looks like the 1.8.1 release may have everything working smoothly.  We are comfortable in recommending this latest firmware.  We would love to hear your comments, after upgrading, post your success or failure at:

CradlePoint 1.8.1 Firmware Success or Failure -

If you are considering upgrading, read the above thread first.