Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Behind 3Gstore.com: Olark Customer Chat

3Gstore.com prides itself in providing the best customer service and experience.  Last year 3Gstore.com added something new that has dramatically enhanced the way our potential customers interact with us .

For all of our employees, we use chat (AIM and Gtalk) to communicate internally at 3Gstore.com.  This works great for all of our employees.  Olark, uses our existing chat client software, which allows our potential customers to chat with us, live.  Our employees do not have to install anything new or learn anything new - we use the same chat clients we use now (iChat, AIM, Adium, even GoogleTalk).  Olark uses Jabber to communicate, so any IM client that supports Jabber works great.  Technically, if an employee was not near a computer, they could use a Jabber client on their mobile device.

Here is how Olark works.

When you visit 3Gstore.com, in the bottom left of every screen is the ability to chat with us directly.  A customer just needs to click that window and ask a question and any available employee will get an instant message and you are now communicating live with expert.

For more information, see Olark.com