Thursday, April 28, 2011

Cradlepoint PHS300 + FREE 2nd Battery ($29.95 Value) for $79.99 at

Cradlepoint PHS300 + FREE 2nd Battery ($29.95 Value) for $79.99 at, IN STOCK NOW

3gstore phs300 promo

If you've been considering purchasing a portable mobile broadband router to share the connection from your 3G or 4G WiMAX USB modem, now is the perfect time! For a limited time, 3Gstore is offering the battery-powered PHS300 for just $79.99, plus we are including a FREE second battery ($29.95 value!). Each battery lasts up to 2 hours, so you'll be able to enjoy internet access on the go without the need to hunt for a power outlet!

NOTE: this promotion will only be available while supplies last... so don't miss out!

Order the PHS300 + 2nd Battery for $79.99 at

More info about the PHS300:

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Verizon LTE Outage #2

Looks like Verizon LTE is down across the USA right now.  Verizon 4G / LTE has been off to a rocky start since they launched in December 2010.  Hopefully, this is brief outage and they are upgrading/fixing some of the reported problems that some people have been seeing.

For the latest info, see:

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

3Gstore - Eating Your Own Dog Food

For those that haven't heard, here is a link on "Eating Your Own Dog Food" and currently the 3Gstore's warehouse is eating some right now.

This all started last Friday when our cable internet connection went down.  We have had a manual fail over solution in place, using a very old 3G router (not sold any more) and it involved unplugging an ethernet cable, inserting an active 3G data card in this router and waiting a few minutes and then we would be back up.

But wait, we sell and support some pretty cool 3G/4G Routers that support automatic failover.  So, if the main cable connection goes down, it automatically switches to 3G in seconds.  Some of the routers even offer failover to WiFi, so that gives us another option for staying connected.

So, over the next few weeks will be be using the routers that we sell and some new ones from new companies that we do not yet sell and test these routers in a live environment.  We will report in a few weeks which routers met our needs and report what we found.

Here is a list of our needs/requirements:
  • main internet connection is Comcast Cable Internet 
  • We move around 2-3GB a day (VOIP/internet/FedEx/Web traffic)
  • Needs to failover to active 3G data card (Sprint works best in our warehouse)
  • Needs to also failover to WiFi using "WiFi as WAN"
  • Needs to support Site to Site VPN, so we can bridge another location and make one large network (and also if there is a failover to 3G, reestablish the VPN connection)
Stay tuned for our test results in a few weeks.

Friday, April 22, 2011

WFRBoost Fixed Kit for WiFiRanger Pro

The new WFRBoost Fixed Kit, available today, is an accessory for the WiFiRanger Pro that greatly enhances the router's ability to connect to distant WiFi networks - while the WiFiRanger Pro can connect to networks that are up to 75 meters away, the WFRBoost allows you to connect to networks up to 300 meters away!

You can read our full impression here - WFRBoost Fixed Kit for WiFiRanger Pro - First Impressions

Thursday, April 21, 2011

3Gstore's Newest Team Member

3Gstore’s newest team member is Ian, who will be helping out with both sales and support. Now that he’s been here for over a month, we asked Ian to share his thoughts on how 3Gstore differs from other places he’s worked, as well as his general thoughts on working with the 3Gstore team:

30 days in at 3gstore... Well, to begin with I have to mention that this is far and away the most team-oriented workplace I have ever experienced. From my bosses to my coworkers, a work environment this helpful is something completely new to me. Before I get ahead of myself, I guess I should start out with a little bit about my background. I couldn't have come from a more different profession. I have been a personal trainer for almost a decade and I enjoy it immensely. I absolutely feed off of the immediate gratification of watching clients, from all walks of life, achieve goals they didn’t think were possible. However, I have to admit I wasn’t completely satisfied, and there was always a lingering feeling that there was always something else out there for me. You see, like most people of my generation, technology has been a part of my life as far back as I can remember. Coming from a family of engineers and programmers, I feel that I’ve had a somewhat of a unique insight into the word of cellular technology. I spent as much time playing catch with my dad as I did building and taking apart computers and TVs (even a few VCRs, for anyone that remembers them!), wiring switches and receivers, and, of course, HOURS at Radio Shack. I was always encouraged to ask as many questions as I needed until I fully grasped the concept I was learning. As a boy, whenever possible, I’d tag along to my dad’s lab in Motorola's Cellular Division, observing, learning, bugging the other programmers, but most importantly (and unbeknownst to me at the time), getting a front row seat of cell phone and Internet technology from its infancy. What started out as just a way to spend time with my dad very quickly became an integral part of my upbringing. Simply put, I was hooked...and, given my fortunate position, I got to tinker with every gadget Dad brought home until it was absolutely necessary that it be returned.

Fast forward about 15 years, and here I am at 3Gstore, doing professionally what, for years, has been a hobby (ok, an obsession). Obviously, so much has changed, but seeing it all develop right in front of me from such a young age has made it instinctual to attempt to understand every new development in a world where Internet connectivity is expected from most people, at all times. Through the years, I still don’t hesitate to ask questions, albeit many times more complicated then they used to be, but, more often than not, I am the one answering them instead of asking. Now that I have the 3Gstore family as a resource, my family, thankfully, gets a break.

When this opportunity at 3Gstore was presented by a friend, I was already well aware of the company. After doing some research what really blew me away was their reputation and the level of satisfaction the customers had. I looked at it as a great opportunity to turn my somewhat obsessive hobby into a career. Well, a month in and I can say that accepting offer to join the company puts a smile on my face at the end of every day. I’m learning something new everyday - check that, more like every hour. And, most importantly, I have not once been told to sell/advise a single customer anything that would not benefit them in the interest of our bottom line. In fact, outside of just typing those words, “bottom line” hasn’t been mentioned once, by anyone here. This is a rarity - in fact ,anyone in sales will have a hard time believing that last sentence. About the sternest warning that’s been given to me has been,”if you know there is no way for us to help the customer, for whatever reason, do NOT sell them anything at all.” Again twilight zone talk for those in a typical sales environment. My focus now is simple: helping people become/stay connected and helping make sure the products we sell are thoroughly tested and do everything they claim to do. In an age where it is practically a right to have Internet access, being able to make that a reality for people is truly a meaningful endeavor. That itch I used to have to be in this business has been replaced with the reality that I am now responsible for making sure everyone I talk to has the ability to get online. And I’m grateful for it. I’m so thankful to have become part of a team that has a SUPERIOR knowledge of the field, and eager to impart that knowledge on me. Its actually a pleasure going to work everyday, knowing that, regardless of what new issue I might face with someone, I have the support of such a helpful group...I look forward being as helpful to my coworkers as they have been to me.


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

iPhone Stores GPS Location

The story broke today that everyone's iPhone is keeping a log of everywhere they have been.  This is a pretty scary undocumented feature.  I downloaded the application that displays everywhere your iPhone has been and sure enough here it is:

I would imagine a few things will happen soon.  First of all, Apple will remove this feature in a future version of iTunes or iPhone iOS (BTW, iPad 3Gs store this info too).  I also expect that there will be some pretty cool apps that will come out that provides even more details.  For example, where was the phone last Tuesday at 8PM.  I suspect there may be some nervous spouses out there.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Verizon Novatel MiFi 4150L 3G/4G Hotspot Available Now

The long-awaited 3G/4G follow-up to Novatel's uber-popular MiFi has arrived at last: the MiFi 4150L is here! When the MiFi 2200 hit the market for both Sprint and Verizon back in 2009, it was an instant hit... and remained that way for almost two years. We anticipate that the new 3G/4G version will make a splash as well, as it offers all the same features that made its predecessor so popular as well as some new capabilities that make it stand out. Obviously, the primary difference between the original MiFi and the new 4150L is the 4G-capability. The MiFi 4150L is 3G/4G capable, meaning it can connect to Verizon's super-fast 4G LTE network where available and fail back to the nationwide 3G network elsewhere (check Verizon's coverage map to see which network is available in your area). This device also features a slightly improved WiFi range (30+ feet; the MiFi 2200 only provided about 20' of WiFi coverage).

The Novatel MiFi 4150L is in stock NOW at 3Gstore for just $99.99 after rebate with a new 2-year contract!

Can I Play the PS3/360/Wii with 3G or 4G Wireless (Online Gaming)?

A common question we hear from customers who own or are considering owning a 3G or 4G mobile broadband modem is "can I get online and play multiplayer games?" The answer is yes, you can get online to play your friends! To get your 360/PS3/Wii online via your 3G or 4G connection, you'll need a Cradlepoint, Nexiara or WiFi Ranger router, which allows you to provide connectivity to multiple devices and optimize your connection for gaming. In fact, when you purchase your equipment from you have access to our exclusive gaming tip sheets and technical support for free!

You can read the full here - Can I play the PS3/360/Wii with a 3G/4G Connection (Online Gaming)

Friday, April 15, 2011

4G/LTE Amplifier Test Results

The 3Gstore evaluation team is currently testing a wireless amplifier that covers the Verizon 4G LTE frequency (currently there are NO amplifiers available that are capable of improving the LTE signal). Our testing is not yet complete, but initial results look VERY promising: in one location, our tester's LTE download speeds SKYROCKTED from 4mbps to nearly 20!

If you'd like to be notified when the 4G LTE amplifier is available, fill out our notification form and we'll contact you as soon as it's in stock! 4G amplifier notification form

Sprint Novatel MiFi 4082 3G/4G Hotspot First Impressions

sprint novatel mifi 4082

The Novatel MiFi 4082 for Sprint is now in stock at 3Gstore! We will be testing more next week, but our initial impression was positive - like its predecessor, it's sleek and easy to use, and the ability to connect to 4G is an obvious upgrade.

Read our MiFi 4082 "first impressions" article - continue to check back as we will update this article as we continue our testing next week!

The MiFi 4082 is available now at 3Gstore for $49.99 after rebate with a new 2-year contract

If you've used the MiFi 4082, share your thoughts/comments in the EVDOForums: MiFi 4082 discussion

PS: we are working on getting an extended battery for the MiFi 4082 in stock (like the extremely popular one we carry for the MiFi 2200). If you're interested and would like us to contact you when it's available, enter your info here: Notify me when the MiFi 4082 battery is in stock!

Saturday, April 09, 2011

CradlePoint MBR1400 Issues

5/13/2010 Update
Firmware 3.2.2 has resolved the critical issues that our testing has uncovered.  We now have the MBR1400 in stock and ready for sale AND support.

Checkout our MBR1400 Review

CradlePoint launched the MBR1400 last week and noticed that it is not yet available at, why?

Every product that we sell AND support goes through a testing process before we ever add it to our store.  We have had a few MBR1400s to test for the last few months and we were impressed with the features, as this is based on the newer BSD platform (same as CTR35).  Since the BSD platform is new for CradlePoint, there are issues  We identified a few key bugs that many users would have and passed those on to CradlePoint.  As soon as these issues are resolved, we are not going to sell/support the MBR1400.  We do hope that CradlePoint fixes these soon, until then, if you want to be notified when the MBR-1400 is available.  We do not recommend purchasing until issues are resolved.

Thursday, April 07, 2011

Pantech UML290 Firmware Upgrade L0290 (L0290vzw333f.230)

Verizon Pantech UML290 3G/4G USB modem with 2-Year Contract No Rebate Required!


We have received a report from a customer who had their Pantech UML290 LTE modem who had it working great with his Nexaira BC2 3G/4G Router and after upgrading to firmware L0290vzw333f.230, the BC2 refused to work with the UML290.  This firmware was released by Verizon in the last few days.

Not sure if this impact CradlePoint Router users.