Tuesday, April 26, 2011

3Gstore - Eating Your Own Dog Food

For those that haven't heard, here is a link on "Eating Your Own Dog Food" and currently the 3Gstore's warehouse is eating some right now.

This all started last Friday when our cable internet connection went down.  We have had a manual fail over solution in place, using a very old 3G router (not sold any more) and it involved unplugging an ethernet cable, inserting an active 3G data card in this router and waiting a few minutes and then we would be back up.

But wait, we sell and support some pretty cool 3G/4G Routers that support automatic failover.  So, if the main cable connection goes down, it automatically switches to 3G in seconds.  Some of the routers even offer failover to WiFi, so that gives us another option for staying connected.

So, over the next few weeks will be be using the routers that we sell and some new ones from new companies that we do not yet sell and test these routers in a live environment.  We will report in a few weeks which routers met our needs and report what we found.

Here is a list of our needs/requirements:
  • main internet connection is Comcast Cable Internet 
  • We move around 2-3GB a day (VOIP/internet/FedEx/Web traffic)
  • Needs to failover to active 3G data card (Sprint works best in our warehouse)
  • Needs to also failover to WiFi using "WiFi as WAN"
  • Needs to support Site to Site VPN, so we can bridge another location and make one large network (and also if there is a failover to 3G, reestablish the VPN connection)
Stay tuned for our test results in a few weeks.