Friday, May 13, 2011

Cradlepoint MBR1400 Now Available @

Around 6 weeks before the CradlePoint MBR1400 was released, started testing this new high-end 3G/4G router. CradlePoint changed their router platform last year to a more powerful / open BSD platform vs. the proprietary one they had been using for their older products. The first product to utilize the BSD platform was the Rover Puck by CLEAR, the next was the CradlePoint CTR35, and now the CradlePoint MBR1400 joins the ranks. We expect ALL future Cradlepoint routers to be based on the new BSD platform. Don’t worry if you have one of the previous routers - CradlePoint is expected to support them for some time.

After we received the MBR1400, we noticed some critical issues that we immediately communicated with CradlePoint engineers (we have a great partnership with both the sales and support teams over there). Unfortunately, they were not able to resolve these issues by launch date, so we had a dilemma. We typically are the first to announce and sell new CradlePoint products, BUT how could we sell something that we know had critical issues? So we did the right thing for our customers (and for our support department): we announced that we were NOT selling the MBR1400 because it had issues.

Now, six weeks later, Cradlepoint has resolved the issues and we are comfortable selling and recommending the MBR1400. In fact, during our testing a few weeks ago, we used the MBR1400 in a live environment for 3 days and it did a great job.

During our testing we liked the Site to Site VPN ability, so we created a step by step tip sheet that we will include with every MBR1400 order. This feature allows remote locations to share devices and network resources between locations. Imagine being able to print to your office printer while at home, or access any other network resource from the other location!

We would like to thank everyone at CradlePoint that has been working with us to make the MBR1400 the great product it now is. We really are excited about the MBR1400!

Here are a few other resources for the MBR1400: