Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Peplink Balance Routers Provide Bandwidth Allowance and Monitoring Statistics

As of 2011, over 56% of ISPs have implemented some type of monthly data cap on internet usage, which can result in overage charges or potentially cause account throttling. Typically these overage charges are associated with wireless modem providers like Verizon and Sprint, which many businesses use for a backup connection when their primary ISP goes down (AKA "failover"). These ISP limitations make it crucial for companies to be able to easily monitor their data consumption to avoid additional charges. The Peplink Balance series (20, 30, 210, 310, 380, 580, 710 and 1350) provides data monitoring statistics in real time as well as by date, connection type, and individual clients connected to the network (to determine who is using large amounts of data).

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