Thursday, July 28, 2011

7 Cradlepoint Models Reach "End of Life," Replaced by netBSD Routers

MBR900 (left) vs the new MBR95

Cradlepoint has always offered a variety of routers to suit the needs of just about every type of customer, and this year they released a number of new routers that operate on the netBSD platform (the CTR35, CBR400, CBR450, MBR95, and MBR1400) and offer features not available on the older models like WiFi-as-WAN and dual-SSIDs (with more exciting features to come soon!). Thanks to the improvements these new netBSD routers add, it comes as no surprise to learn today that 7 of the "legacy" models are officially "end of life": the Cradlepoint MBR1000, MBR900, MBR90, CTR500, PHS300, MBR800, and CBA250.

3Gstore does still have a limited quantity of the MBR1000, PHS300, CTR500, CBA250, and MBR800 in stock and we'll continue to sell them until they're gone, but once they're sold out, these "End of Life" routers will NOT be available any longer. Cradlepoint WILL continue to support these "end of life" routers for the immediate future (most likely approximately one year), but eventually these routers will no longer receive firmware updates to support new modems, fix bugs, add features, etc.

While those legacy models were very popular for the past several years, since the development and release of the netBSD routers, we have been advising customers to consider those newer models instead. The netBSD platform is easier to use and navigate, offers a variety of features not available on the legacy routers, and features improvements in modem reliability.

If you've been considering purchasing one of the routers that is now at "end of life," consult the list below for our recommendation for an alternative:

"End of Life" Router:
Consider Instead:
MBR95 or MBR1400
Unfortunately, right now there are no other battery-powered routers (so buy the PHS300 now while it's still available if you love it!). If you do not need a battery, the CTR35 or CBR400 are good choices

You can read more about what the netBSD platform offers and how it differs from the older platform here: Cradlelpoint's netBSD Platform vs Legacy Ubicom Platform

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