Friday, July 08, 2011

Can I Tether My Phone With a Router?

For users who are tethering their smartphone to their computer, we get a lot of questions about whether they can instead tether the phone to a router so that they can share the connection with multiple computers/devices and connect Ethernet devices. The answer is YES, in SOME cases. A few phones ARE officially supported by routers - start by looking for your phone on our router compatibility charts to see if it is supported.

If you don't happen to see your phone on the supported device list, that doesn't necessarily mean it won't work; oftentimes router manufacturer's simply haven't tested all of the available phones. Check out our article on "Unsupported Sprint and Verizon Phones with Cradlepoint Routers," which lists phones we have tested with Cradlepoint routers.

However, if you're using a third party application like PDANet, MyWi etc, they won't work with any of our routers. You can read the full details on what works and what doesn't here - Mobile Broadband FAQ # 10: Can I Tether My Phone With a Router?