Thursday, August 18, 2011

3G & 4G Bonding - Aggregating Bandwidth

Next month we will be selling a very cool 3G Bonding solution for enterprise companies that require 3G Bonding (or 4G Bonding).  This solution is unique because it features:
  • No monthly subscription / usage fees (except for 3G or 4G data plans)
  • low cost (less then $5K for hardware - for both ends of the connection)
If you have a need for increased speeds (upload and download) when in a 3G area (or 4G) or you need a reliable way to bond connections from multiple carriers, so that you connection is more stable, we can help.  We are putting together demonstration videos now and if you would like an early demo, just contact us and one of our 3G Bonding experts will be glad to help you.