Tuesday, August 02, 2011

VZAM Update Supports LTE Modems for Mac OS X Lion

With the recent release of Apples new Mac OSX 10.7 Lion users have discovered several compatibility issues with their Verizon modems. Unlike Verizon's initial LTE launch missing official Mac support for several months, they were quick to respond to the problems with 10.7 Lion. Mac users can now navigate to Vzam.net to download the latest version of VZAccess Manager to use their 3G/4G wireless modems.

The following modems are officially supported by Mac OSX Lion 10.7:

  • Pantech UML290

  • Novatel USB551L

  • LG VL600

  • Pantech UML190

  • Discuss your experience on EVDOForums - VZAccess Manager now officially supported on OS X Lion!