Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Extended Battery for 3G/4G MiFi 4510L Gets Rave Reviews

mifi 4510L with extended battery

Verizon's 3G/4G MiFi 4510L hotspot has been one of the hottest mobile broadband devices on the market, but users have one complaint about it: the battery it comes with only lasts for about 2-4 hours, which isn't enough time for some users. Our 5000mAh Extended Battery for the MiFi 4510L has been a lifesaver for MiFi 4510L users who rely on their hotspot for all day internet connectivity and has quickly become a mainstay in 3Gstore's list of top 20 highest-rated products. The 5000mAh Extended Battery lasts up to THREE TIMES as long as the standard MiFi 4510L battery, and while it is larger (it has to be since its so much more powerful), it doesn't add too much bulk to the hotspot - even with the extended battery installed (see the photo above), the MiFi 4510L is still a sleek, portable unit.

Here are just a few of the reviews we've received from customers using the MiFi 4510L extended battery:

"Very happy with this purchase. This 5000mAh extended battery has been an excellent solution for the short battery life of the MiFi 4510L. Three hours on the stock battery was much too short, since I use the hotspot all day long as my 3G/4G access to the Internet from a remote location."

"...I can leave the 4510L on all day. I typically turn on the mifi around 8:00 am and plug it in around 6:00 pm. I usually have 2 battery bars left by 6:00 pm. I connect an iPhone and iPad constantly, and a MacBook pro intermittently... If you are looking for long life and you are carrying a pack like I do because the iPad doesn't fit in a pocket - then this is a great battery. If you want something that fits better in a pocket then you better have some cargo pants. Bottom line - this battery lets the mifi last as long as an iPad."

"So far, so amazing. Transformed the Mifi from a very short-lived tool (the battery it comes with runs out very quickly) to a real tool. I've used the extended battery on several trips and haven't recharged it once."

"With the stock battery we would see 2-3 hours of battery life. With this monster we see closer to 8-10 hours. The cover fits well, battery is snug, and everything plays well together."

"Excellent product. Battery works great; love the extended usage time -- turns the device into an "all day" Internet connection device."

Check out our video demonstrating the size and installation of the MiFi 4510L Extended Battery: