Monday, September 26, 2011

iPhone 4S Siri, Is the 1987 Knowledge Navigtor Finally Here?

Back in 1987 Apple created a 'proof in concept" on how people will interact with their devices in the future.  That really never happened, BUT the next iPhone (iPhone5) may actually be moving us in that direction.  There have been reports that over the last year that Apple partnered with Nuance (speech company) and they also purchased Suri (another speech company) and there have been leaks that this powerful speech and speech reconition feature finally will have enough power with the rumored dual-core A5 processor that is rumored to be in the iPhone 5.

Apple created a proof of concept video in 1987 named the "Knowlege Navigator" (see youtube video).  While iOS5 isn't exactly this, it is sounding like it is going down this 2 way interaction wiht your device.

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