Wednesday, November 30, 2011

My Home Screen - Kelsey

Welcome to My Home Screen, where we take a look at what Apps you have on the first page of your SmartPhone and tell us why they are there.

Name: Kelsey
Age: 29
What I do: I am a Internet representative and I am student.

Maps- I get lost saddeningly easy. This really helps me watch where I’m going and where I have been.  And it’ll save the places you go often so you don’t have to keep retyping it in.

Dragon Go- This maybe a bit passe now with the IPhone 4S, but I love that while I’m driving I can speak into it and it will look up anything on Yelp!, Google, and about five other search engines automatically depending on what I asked for.

Blackboard Mobile Learn-This is an app that is great for people in school. My school uses this for their online classes and also helps me keep up with my other classes.  This is great for giving me those heart-stopping moments when I realize I have an assignment due in two hours.

Notes -This is a life saver I use the Dragon Dictation say what I need to do for the day and then use this to remember. It’s great.

Pageonce -You put in your credit cards, bank accounts and any other financials that you want to keep an eye on and then it sends me e-mail if any thing’s almost due and gives different credit card options.