Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Peplink Outbound Policy Management, Ultimate Failover Control

The Peplink Balance Outbound Policy offers complete control over how you utilize every available connection on your network. Do you provide WiFi for personal employee use, or have departments that have Internet access, but aren't "mission critical"? Now, imagine that your main Internet connection goes down, while all your mission critical hardware like credit card processing and management systems are still up and running. This is possible by sophisticated policy management and the ability to distinguish individual network connections and prioritize your network connections.

So, now that you've stopped all the bandwidth hogs when your main connection is down, 200Mb of data can suddenly become a very lucrative choice to provide network redundancy. Checkout the video below to see exactly how the Peplink Outbound Policy Management can work for you!

Peplink Outbound Policy Management Demonstration:

Watch in Youtube - Peplink Mission Critical Outbound Policy Managment - 3Gstore.com

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