Wednesday, December 21, 2011

WiFi to Ethernet

Many people with Ethernet only devices (gaming systems, DVRs, PBXs, printers, webcams) have an issue when needing to hookup these devices to their existing WiFi networks.  Rather than running a 20 or 100 foot Ethernet cable to these Ethernet only devices, we recommend trying one of the Pepwave Surf products. This includes the Pepwave Surf Mini, Pepwave Surf On-The-Go, and the Pepwave Surf 400. Converting WiFi into Ethernet is only one of the many features of these products.

Here at we like to use and test the products we offer. Here is an example: We just moved into a larger warehouse and needed to setup an area where walk-in customers can call a sales or tech person.  We didn’t want to run a 50 foot Ethernet cable, so we opted to use a Pepwave Surf On The Go to get the job done, see video below.