Wednesday, January 04, 2012

CellphoneMate Full-Band Omni Antenna is the #6 Top-Rated Product of 2011 at 3Gstore

We recently compiled a list of 3Gstore's top products of 2011, taking into account customer ratings, returns, and tech support calls. The Cellphone-Mate 9.5" Full-Band Omni, which supports just about every 3G and 4G frequency (including Sprint 4G WiMAX and Verizon 4G LTE), came in at #6!

The Full-Band Omni is ideal for 4G users since it's the first omnidirectional antenna available (before this antenna was available, 4G users had very limited options for signal boosting). It's easy to use, comes with 40' of cable for installation, and works great! Our customers have had great results:
According to my VZAccess Manager software (using it with a UML290), this antenna routinely gives me a 15db or so boost

I mounted the antenna on the roof of the house, ran the cable into one room, plugged in the MiFi and it's been working great since (on 3G since there is no 4G deployed there yet). This antenna made the difference between being able to get broadband and not. It is well made too, very sturdy and nicely constructed. I'm very happy with this purchase!

Without the antenna service was painfully slow and high drop rates. At the risk of sounding too dramatic I will say that after installing the antenna it has opened up a new world! Buying this antenna was a wise, wise move.

Usually got 2 bars reception from Verizon with frequent dropped signals. Installed this antenna on peak of roof (single story) and got 4 bars with no dropped signals.
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