Friday, January 27, 2012

Cradlepoint Load Balance & Failover Setup Tutorial 7:

The following tutorial video shows you how to configure Load Balancing/Failover on your NetBSD based Cradlepoint router. This allows you to balance multiple 3G/4G connections or configure failover if your primary Internet connection goes down.

With Load Balancing configured on models like the CBR400 or MBR1400 you can easily support more users because you have more sources of available bandwidth. If you choose to Load Balance we recommend using multiple carriers as opposed to using multiple cards from the same carrier.

For more information on Load Balancing visit - Comparing Cradlepoint Load Balancing vs. Peplink/Pepwave Load Balancing & Bonding

Tutorial 7: Cradlepoint Load Balancing & Failover Setup -

Watch in YouTube - Tutorial 7: Cradlepoint Load Balance Setup & Failover Setup -