Tuesday, January 03, 2012

MiFi 4510L Extended Battery is the #3 Top-Rated Product of 2011 at 3Gstore

We recently compiled a list of 3Gstore's top products of 2011, taking into account customer ratings, returns, and tech support calls. The extended battery for Verizon's 3G/4G MiFi 4510L came in at #3 on the list!

Verizon's 3G/4G MiFi has been incredibly popular since its release this year, and 3Gstore's extended battery makes even more useful by TRIPLING the battery life! With the extended battery, MiFi 4510L users can stay connected without the need for a power outlet for up to 12 hours. Customers rave about how much longer they can use their MiFi with the extended battery:
This battery does last several times longer than the standard battery. I have had it on all day and it goes for ten hours or more.

Great purchase, before purchasing the extended battery the standard battery didn't last 4 hours with pretty heavy use. The extended battery gives me 10 to 12 hours. Well worth the cost just to get additional time.

Battery life is amazing compared to the stock 1500mah battery. With the stock battery we would see 2-3 hours of battery life. With this monster we see closer to 8-10 hours. The cover fits well, battery is snug, and everything plays well together.
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