Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Remote Power IP Switch is the #3 Top-Rated Product of 2011 at 3Gstore

We recently compiled a list of 3Gstore's top products of 2011, taking into account customer ratings, returns, and tech support calls. The Remote Power IP Switch came in at #4 on the list!

The IP Switch is a simple product that automatically power-cycles any device when internet connectivity is lost; it automatically pings five different targets, and when it is unable to ping the specified targets, it will power-cycle any devices that are connected to its power source. It's super easy to use and has earned rave reviews from our customers:
This unit is a really slick idea. When you take it out of the box, quality is written all over it. The remote access works like a charm. I needed constant access to my home PC when at work or out of town. Using Teamviewer I needed to leave my PC on 24/7 to do this. Not any more! Just went into the PC's BIOS under Power Management and set the PC to always boot up on power failure. Plugged the PC into one of the outlets and remotely toggle it off, then on. Voila, my PC boots up. I use the other outlet to reboot my modems and routers every day at 2 a.m. Great product. I'm saving $15 per month with this. Pays for itself pretty quickly.

I really needed this item for my remote maintenance that I frequently perform on my computers. This item is exactly what I was looking for. I can now remotely reboot my unit without having to worry if the hang or not. If for one reason or another a unit hangs on a reboot then I can remotely power cycle the unit and gain access without having to drive out to the location to do a power cycle.

This little device has already saved many miles of travel and time to reach the remote. Not fancy or expensive,and it performs as advertised. Well done 3G

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