Monday, January 09, 2012

SpareOne Cell Phone Runs on Single AA Battery up to 15 Years

Ideal for emergencies, worldwide travel and situations when accessing power is not an option, SpareOne is the only cell phone that provides true reliability

Las Vegas, NV – January 9, 2012 – XPAL Power, patented battery technology giant behind leading portable power manufacturers PowerSkin® and Energizer® Energi to Go®, will debut its newest innovation – SpareOne – at CES 2012 in Las Vegas, Nevada, January 10th-13th. SpareOne is the only cellular phone in the world that runs on a single AA battery, providing a constant line of communication even in the absence of electricity as well as the ability to pre- program important phone numbers for easy access to visitor, travel and emergency services.

"SpareOne's breakthrough technology provides an unprecedented lifeline during dire situations that require an emergency response," said Alan Cymberknoh, SpareOne Project Director at XPAL Power. "By operating on a single AA battery, SpareOne solves so many daily issues, serving as a simple back-up phone you can carry without worrying whether it's charged or not. It can be left in a car for emergencies, used by hotels who want to pre-program concierge numbers for guests, passed to your children or parents to maintain an open line of communication – it's essentially designed to make and receive the most important calls, no matter what."

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