Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Wilson Sleek is the #5 Top-Rated Product of 2011 at 3Gstore

We recently compiled a list of 3Gstore's top products of 2011, taking into account customer ratings, returns, and tech support calls. The Wilson Sleek, popular for its affordability, compact size, and effectiveness, came it at #5!

We have been big fans of the Sleek since it launched in 2010, and just about everyone who tries it becomes a fan, too! It's the cheapest and easiest way to boost the signal to just about any 3G phone or hotspot, and it works as well as many larger, more expensive units. Check out these customer raves:
I have a camp in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and had no service with my cell phone. I picked up the Sleek Cell phone booster, plugged it to a car battery, and got 2 bars. I have no power at camp and it worked great. Able to call home and text. Would give it a 6 star if I could.

Product works amazingly well, particularly considering the price. We have 6 Gb data plans on our two iPhones. We get 2 bars in the window but move to a solid 4 bars with the Sleek. More importantly, download speeds go from 0.8M naked, to 2.5-4M with the Sleek.

Works really well on highways- no more dropped calls on ATT and full 5 bars. recommend product highly. Also, even in the city (Houston), using the Sleek prevents drops at the intersections that historically would drop my call every time.

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