Friday, January 20, 2012

World IPv6 Launch set for 6/12/2012

Last year the Internet Society organized the one-day launch called "World IPv6 Day" that was held on June 8, 2011, which represented a milestone in the deployment of globabl IPv6 deployment. This year IPv6 will officially launch on June 6, 2012 and will be permanently available to provide the next generation Internet. At this time IPv4 is quickly running out of IPv4 addresses and this widespread deployment of IPv6 will allow everyone to connect billions of mobile and fixed devices.

Companies like Google will make virtually all their services including Search, Gmail, Youtube and many more permanently available in June. In the 3G/4G router community Peplink has become the first official company that offers IPv6 support with their latest Balance 5.4 beta firmware. This version of firmware will be available soon on all Peplink Balance routers, which will allow you to future proof yourself as the transition happens over the summer of 2012.

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