Thursday, February 23, 2012

CradlePoint 1200B ye bye bye.

If you are a fan of the CradlePoint MBR1200 build (the last 3G/4G Router that is still based on the older MIPS operating system instead of the newer BSD platform - like the CTR35, MBR95, MBR1400, CBR, COR and ARC products are), we have some bad news for you....

The CradlePoint MBR1200 build (as you know it), is no longer being manufactured from CradlePoint and has been discontinued/end of life/EOL.  Soon our inventory will run dry and be gone.  We wish we could tell you that we have 430 in stock, but we only have a few.

A great alternative to the MBR1200 is either the MBR95 or the MBR1400