Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Hotspot 2.0 for Cellphone WiFi on the go

Cisco has introduced new WiFi Access Point technology at Mobile World Congress called Hotspot 2.0. The specification was written for the Wireless Broadband Alliance, but Google and Samsung plan to put it in Android phones for a trial. The technology will allow you to easily roam from hotspot to hotspot the same way your phone jumps from cell tower to cell tower. Hotspot 2.0 uses a technology called "small cell networks" and works with both licensed and unlicensed spectrum. For mobile users Hotspot 2.0 could be very helpful allowing you to easily jump from a congested cellular network to a faster WiFi hotspot. Cisco indicates that most of their 12 million older access points will qualify for Hotspot 2.0 and your phone will need to support the feature too.