Wednesday, February 22, 2012

How Suite It Is-Microsoft Office coming to the IPad

There have been rumblings, bumblings, and all together grumblings about Microsoft Office Suite for the IPad. This would be the melding of two worlds that kind of hate each other but two worlds that also can’t seem to survive alone. They need each other like peanut butter needs chocolate. Would they survive apart? Yes, but people are more interested when they are together.  But this starts an interesting sea change for both Apple and Microsoft. These two rivals, it seems, are beginning to realize that they will never completely overtake the other. While Apple has been ahead of the pack in most things, people overall it seems are not ready to give up the accessibility of Windows.
            This product sounds like it will be available sometime next year, or if we are lucky later this year. But the powers that be are planning on having it available so it can follow closely on the heels of Windows 8 roll-out. This way if Windows 8 tanks, Microsoft Office Suite will help them recoup some of their costs.  But Microsoft is hoping Windows 8  will finally give them more of a foothold. But without realizing it this may also be a nail in the coffin of the laptop.  Now there is no need to take your laptop to bed,  when you have your sleek IPad snuggled up next you. 
        But this will also make a bit of a moment for IPad as well. Now it's just seen as a fun thing to have that helps you work. But with the promise of Microsoft Office Suite now it can be your primary work thing.  This will help it grow in a market that is not only lucrative but doesn't shy away from buying in bulk.  Companies buying their entire marketing staff IPads doesn't even crack the petty cash.  It all depends on how Apple and Microsoft work together to get this done quickly and for a competitive price.  If they drag their feet, which they have a tendency to do, you may get your flying car before you get Microsoft Office Suite on your IPad.